Majid and Masoud Shamaeizadeh were born in 1975 in Isfahan. They got both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Industrial Design.
Majid established Fuffle Office Furniture Company in 2004. They immigrate to china and established Gemini Global Trading Company in 2009. They got their PhD in design strategy from university of Tsinghua.
In 2020, they founded Gemini Cultural and Innovation Company. They have been a board member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, China since 2020. As importers of Iranian carpets and crafts to China, they have opened four handicraft stores in Beijing and Xi’an, China, and one online store for handicrafts as well as other products imported from Iran to China. They have designed and established the Iranian Cultural Experience Center in Beijing. They have also held several cultural and artistic events and exhibitions in the field of Iranian handicrafts and music in China. Furthermore, they have given dozens of lectures on Iranian art, history, handicrafts, music and culture in Chinese academic and cultural centers.