Craft Stores


Today, we are experiencing new approaches in the craft industry, from the artist's approach to making works to creating tastes for buyers and the introduction of new technologies. One of the intersections between these approaches is the craft stores. Store owners, investors, and supporters are part of the changing ecosystem. In this section, you can join us in a two-hour visit to craft stores and see the works of many artists along with their techniques, materials, and approaches in a virtual tour. We are going to hear about the different experiences of businesses in the way they present handicrafts as the last link of the supply chain.

Eran Craft Gallery

Handicrafts are among the artistic and cultural manifestations that represent the historical, social, and cultural properties of the country they come from. They can be a crucial factor in introducing a culture and civilization, leading to tourist attraction. Handicrafts are artistic works inspired by the heritage and identity values specific to a place. They can be symbolic and they are often referred to as “art-crafts” or “applied arts” vis-à-vis “pure art”. In fact, handicrafts have made a link between art and crafts. It is noteworthy that what distinguishes the local art and handicrafts of a country is the innovation and creativity of the artist, manifested in the variety of designs, patterns, and colors, in creating the work. It is extremely heartening to see the change of point of view in the graduates of different majors in handicrafts and art and their turn towards creation and production in this field. This follows the previous traditional and empirical methods and it means that the young generation in a society tends to create art alongside jobs. This movement which has gained momentum with tourism in Iran in recent years could substantially help economic development and indeed, domestic and international tourism. The introduction and exhibition of handicrafts, as well as the understanding of the proper context, have been among the primary goals of ERAN Craft Gallery that was able to introduce the true art of Iran to different nations at several exhibitions and art galleries in a multinational country like Canada or The USA by selecting a set of art pieces with the most beautiful designs and high production quality. ERAN Craft Gallery values introducing every artist who crafts pieces and presenting their artistic works to reduce the gap between the audience and the artist. We believe in providing the required promotion to encourage the audience to have a part of Iranian art and culture at their homes. One of the solutions is integrating fine art and artifacts in the form of multidiscipline exhibitions in an art gallery in order to provide the space for foreign audiences to see everything in one location. Indeed, it is remarkable that some of these artists have some works in the form of applied art in addition to fine art. This is to honor applied arts.

Persian treasure TM

(波斯珍宝), is a registered brand in China by Shamaeizadeh brothers, dedicated to promote Iranian culture and cultural products, especially Iranian elegant handicraft and art works. introducing a new culture in a new marketplace needs long time and hard effort, and Persian treasureTM has spent years of experience to achieve this goal. After the introduction of the One belt one road policy by the Chinese government in 2013, China’s atmosphere got much smoother and more support from the government to promote other countries culture, especially the great civilizations of the ancient Silk Road, such as Iran. From then, Persian treasureTM defined its mission as: Providing an Authentic, Original and Favorable Experience of Iranian culture for Chinese Audiences. From 2012 till now, Persian treasure TM has held several cultural events, presented several speeches, opened several showrooms, attended several exhibitions and TV shows, and performed several performances in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and many other cities in China, to develop the cultural relations between China and Iran. Although attending exhibitions is a very fast and less expensive channel to promote new products, but keeping a continuous relation with customers and audiences needs a permanent space. Based of this fact, from 2013, Persian treasureTM decided to invest on permanent showrooms in China. The first showroom, which is a unique Persian culture experience center, is built in Beijing. Since then, a few other shops, showrooms and experience centers have been established in Beijing and Xi’an. These showrooms are a permanent exhibitions for Iranian handicrafts, a venue for holding the cultural events and also a charming space for all the Persian-culture-fans to hangout.

Rosha home

Rosha home has brought a selective collection of Iranian craftsmen, artists & interior designers together, providing a vast diversity and a comprehensive collection of: •Furniture •Handmade carpets •Bed and bath accessories •Lighting fixtures •Decorative and functional utensils • Home Textiles, •Flowers and plants •Decorative accessories & handicrafts Our mission in Rosha Home is preserving and promoting both ancient and modern Iranian cultural symbols via several market surveys, studying marketplace needs & regular analysis of audience's changing taste on one hand and continuous search for finding selected manufacturers throughout different parts of Iran on the other hand. Rosha home Design Atelier team is ready to assist our customers by: • Providing free consulting services for selecting and purchasing products • Providing products in the form of combined arrangements to facilitate customer’s decision making process • Giving our customers chance of customizing products along with special services of Rosha House Customer Club • designing and implementing sales promotion incentives • Holding various events In the field of interior design & decoration • Continuous cooperation with research and executive institutions in the field of interior design. Beside the above mentioned services, continuous analysis of customer behavior (in the form of various surveys and customer club services), are our tools to achieve greater customer satisfaction. Rosha home is not just a store, it is a home arranged with unique tastes aiming to connect the producers with those interested in Iranian products and handicrafts.

Zeeen Store

Zeeen is a brand / craft store launched by Arash Heidarian in July 2013, which was later expanded and now holds five branches, four in Tehran Province and one in Naqsh-e Jahan Square of Isfahan Province. Zeeen has worked in craft exportation, focusing on both the international trends and the products with a potential for some levels of mass production. Having participated in “Maison & Objet” Fair in France for several times since 2015, the brand has acquired a clear image of its international customers’ preferences, who have mainly come to know Zeeen from this fair.

Hafta Store

Hafta is a cultural-artistic complex located in Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran. The team behind Hafta consists of experienced art-loving people who seek to display and sell artistic works based on extensive research and constructive interactions with Iranian art masters. The contemporary and traditional products put on sale, covering a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, glass, leather, fabric, pottery, etc., have been carefully evaluated in terms of quality. A variety of indigenous and artistic works are on sale and display in three distinct spaces: Handicrafts Hall, Handwoven Carpets Hall, and Art Store. The Handwoven Carpets Hall also contains a range of handwoven products including rugs, kilims, gabbeh, framed carpets, kilim-carpets, etc. Paintings, sculptures, calligraphies, and other visual artworks, along with sets of furniture, are on display in Hafta Art Store.


Haft Dast House was found in 2018. The original idea for Haft Dast House was based on the experience of working with local communities and women. The founders of Haft Dast believe that the subcultures of different regions of cultural Iran, especially in the less-developed regions, are declining under the dominant market culture. The mass media are also speeding up the decline by promoting a lifestyle based on consumerism and transformation of subcultures. On the one hand, the institution of university has not been able to explain this issue and to communicate with this part of society, and on the other, a part of society seeks to escape such a lifestyle, in order to find alternative options and get acquainted with and preserve the growing elements of different cultures,  such as the environment, originality and simplicity at home, work and leisure space. Haft Dast House believes that facilitating the relation between local artists, art students, and local art consumers, through handicrafts and eco-tourism, can help in meeting the needs of those interested in a new lifestyle, as well as empowering local artists and eco-lodge staff. Haft Dast House can make an opportunity for students seeking to establish a direct relationship with craft producers.