Azin & Zarrin Hasan Zadeh

Azin & Zarrin Hasan Zadeh

Story of Zamin was founded by two sisters in 2018. Azin and Zarrin Hasanzadeh studied textile design and product design in Iran and design for the fashion system in Italy. Studying and working in the field of design in both countries made them passionate to start their own path, following their dreams.


Zamin means “earth” in Persian. Therefore, their story is about the earth and those living on it. “Story of Zamin” is a slow fashion brand working in Tehran and Milan. The designs come from Persian roots approached from a modern and practical perspective.

The designs are partially made in Milan. The products are made by hand in different areas of Iran, mostly small cities and villages. With the aim of empowering women, all the handmade embroideries come from the traditional artworks of local women artisans in Sistan and Baluchestan. Most of the garments used are handwoven fabrics traditionally found in cities such as Ardakan (Yazd) and Birjand (Khorasan). In producing the fabrics, natural materials are used, such as cotton from local farms. The brand also holds an upcycled clothing line from fabric waste, in addition to maintaining a zero-waste approach.



Our passion is to create an artistic but practical road to the art and craftmanship of our country to be discovered.

Story of zamin