Azadeh Yasaman Nabizadeh


The main activity of this brand is the production of Iranian handwoven fabrics and clothes. The brand aims at reviving forgotten products and techniques with the help of master weavers in different regions, training the younger generation, generating jobs in local communities, and providing markets for their products.

Azadeh graduated in clothes and fabric design from the Art University. In her first attempts, she tried weaving her paintings and wearing what she had woven. To develop her own style, she participated in many workshops and began to produce textile in one of the sharbafi workshops of Kashan in 2005. She has created jobs for several wool weavers with the same old features ever since.

To expand her work, Azadeh took residence in different villages and established several weaving workshops, with the help of her colleagues, where the use of high quality local wool, cotton, and silk has led to maintaining the authenticity of cultural heritage while allowing the sale of products made by local weavers on Azadeh’s website and other social networks, hence, helping these weavers earn a living.

Our woven fabrics are the wings to fly in a thousands-year-old world, beautiful and green

Azadeh Yasaman
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